About Us

tower1 About Us Established since 1998, MXM International Sdn Bhd (MXM), a member of Malaysian Direct Distribution Association (MDDA) and Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BEIM) has today positioned itself as one of the major players in providing quality healthcare and medical protection. Being a part of Kam Holdings conglomerate and associate company of PATHLAB, MXM has to-date more than 30,000 members throughout Malaysia and growing under the direction of its President and C.E.O, Dato’ Marcus Kam. As a company committed to providing the best healthcare protection to the ever evolving consumer needs, MXM has constantly pioneered various series of medical protections making it an All-In-One Healthcare Membership Program. Through MXM associate company, PATHLAB Health Management (M) Sdn Bhd (PHM) partnering with The Pacific Insurance Berhad (PIB), a renowned organization in the field of providing medical protection of exceptional qualities, is able to provide our members with a comprehensive Medical Insurance and through PIB affiliation with AAN, a global medical assistance service provider, our members can have an absolute peace of mind and be assured of receiving the best assistance and medical care in Malaysia. PHM recent partnering with Takaful Ikhlas Sdn Bhd, a renowned organization that has established a strong presence in the provision of Islamic financial protection services based on the Takaful System, which stresses on a spirit of cooperation and joint responsibility among its participants, is able to provide our members with a comprehensive Takaful Medical Insurance Protection. In addition, through PHM’s affiliation with MCIS Zurich Insurance Berhad, a leading organization, acknowledged as an innovative provider of services and solutions for its members, our members are also covered with Term Life and 36 Critical Illnesses Protection. MXM has today placed its headquarter at MXM Tower, Petaling Jaya with nationwide presence in Penang, Ipoh, Melaka, Johor Bahru, Sibu, Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu. With a one-of-its-kind Healthcare Membership Program in Malaysia, MXM is confident in being the market leader in providing the ONE-STOP All-In-One Healthcare Protection to all. For more information about MXM International, feel free to email us.

The Tower

towermain About Us Step into the MXM Tower and Be in Awe

The Pinnacle to MXM International’s Success - The MXM Tower was unveiled on 8th of August 2007 in Phileo Damansara 2 which marked the new beginning for MXM International. The new palace of Dato’ Marcus Kam and its MXM Team provides a platform for its existing and future Stars! Its fortitude is more than enough to reflect its power, holdings and dignified posh status.

The Creation of MXM Tower is a milestone, and a potent example of how one small brick at a time, each resting on the strength of another, the lofty peak is conquered.

The MXM Tower covers 14 floors (divided into business levels and lifestyle levels) and it includes a gym, a Training Hall, a Business Centre and the corporate office.