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Company History & Background

Established since 1998, MXM International Sdn Bhd (MXM), a committed member of Malaysian Direct Distribution Association (MDDA) has positioned itself as one of the major players in providing quality healthcare management and medical protection. As part of Kam Holdings conglomerate and the associate company of PATHLAB, MXM now has more than 30,000 members throughout Malaysia, and will continue to grow under the strong leadership of its Group President and C.E.O. Dato’ Marcus Kam, Chief Operating Officer Mr Sam Tang and its committed senior management team.

Determined to provide the best healthcare protection to meet the ever evolving consumer needs, MXM has constantly pioneered various series of quality Healthcare Membership Program. The latest of its innovative product is known as “MediSavers 3 Generations Family Plan,” the first of its kind in Malaysia to cover three generations in a family. Under this plan, family members will enjoy exclusive annual discounts, and will receive a comprehensive blood screening voucher that comes with cancer marker test. The health test can be conducted at any of our Pathlab branches nationwide.

MXM through its associate company Pathlab Health Management (M) Sdn Bhd (PHM), in partnership with a well known insurer Lonpac Insurance Bhd in July 2015, has successfully charted a milestone in the medical insurance industry. It boldly introduces the very first 100 years Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance plan in Malaysia, allowing its members to enjoy guaranteed renewal until year 2115. The plan is specifically designed to be distributed exclusively to members of MXM and Pathlab group of companies.

As for new applications with Lonpac Insurance Bhd, the last entry age has been extended to 70 years old. With just a minimal add-on amount, MXM members’ coverage can be further enhanced with a higher Room & Board limit with No Annual and Lifetime Limit, the very first of such enhanced plan in Malaysia. MXM members can also opt for a deductible plan, which is another innovative product in Malaysia that offers Guarantee Letter facility for admissible hospitaliation, subject to policy terms.

Thanks to Asia Assistance Network (AAN), a renowned 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance Service provider, MXM members will enjoy an absolute peace of mind, and will be assured of receiving the best medical assistance and care while they are hospitalised. MXM is proud that it has assisted its members in more than 19,000 Hospitalisation & Surgical cases to date.

What’s more, MXM members also enjoy the privilege of applying for Term Life and 36 Critical Illnesses Protection, thanks to PHM’s partnership with Archipelago Life Insurance Limited, a renowned Life Insurance company.

MXM’s headquarter is strategically located at MXM Tower, Petaling Jaya. It also has nationwide presence in Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Sibu, Miri and Kuching. With its unique Healthcare Membership Program in Malaysia, MXM is confident of being the market leader in providing quality and comprehensive healthcare protection for all. For more information about MXM International or MXM “MediSavers 3 Generations Family Plan”, please email us @

The Tower

Step into the MXM Tower and Be in Awe The Pinnacle to MXM International’s Success - The MXM Tower was unveiled on 8th of August 2007 in Phileo Damansara 2 which marked the new beginning for MXM International. The new palace of Dato’ Marcus Kam and its MXM Team provides a platform for its existing and future Stars! Its fortitude is more than enough to reflect its power, holdings and dignified posh status. The Creation of MXM Tower is a milestone, and a potent example of how one small brick at a time, each resting on the strength of another, the lofty peak is conquered. The MXM Tower covers 14 floors (divided into business levels and lifestyle levels) and it includes a gym, a Training Hall, a Business Centre and the corporate office.