By: MediSavers | 17 February 2021

3 Ways To Maintain Your Overall Health And Well-Being While Staying At Home

How are you coping during the lockdowns and Stay-At-Home period?

Here’s a read towards maintaining your overall health and well-being while staying at home safe and sound.


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3 Ways To Maintain Your Overall Health And Well-Being While Staying At Home

Ever since the world had to deal with Covid-19 pandemic, the word “lockdown” has become nothing but a common goal or as some would say- the New Normal. Although vaccines are already in the midst of being tested and soon to be released to the public, it is still crucial to follow closely all the preventative measures to curb the increasing trend of positive Covid cases. People are advised to stay at home as much as possible, reduce outdoor exposures with huge crowds and closed contacts while maintaining social distance and wearing face masks at all times. Adapting to a new normal is indeed a new journey and phase after all, and it is especially important to do what is best to maintain and support one’s overall health and well-being at all times even while staying at home.

Overall health and well-being includes looking after oneself physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually as well as spiritually. Giving importance to all these elements of life and making it a lifestyle would be a great kick start in developing healthy and happy individuals. Here’s some general tips to maintain your overall health and well-being while staying at home safe and sound.

Consistent and Regular Workout Sessions

Now most people who are already gym or fitness junkies would have probably felt disappointed at first for not being able to get outdoors or hit the gyms for the regular workouts. However, the knowledge towards fitness goals and workout routines is what truly matters, not the location. For starters, you may look up for some online materials, blogs, articles or even videos that showcase different types of workouts that could be done simply from home with minimal to no equipment at all. All one need is a positive and ready to hit mindset! Examples of some exercises that could be done and learned from home are HIIT workouts, Yoga, Zumba or dance routines, skipping rope, push-ups, stretching and running on the spot. Be reminded that exercising is not only good for your physique, but also helps in developing a healthy mind, boosts hormones and increases immunity levels so you can stay healthy and perform better generally.

Eat Clean And Lead A Balanced Diet

Lockdown or not, one must always practice a healthy lifestyle by eating a good, balanced diet and staying hydrated even while being indoors. It is no lie that staying and working from home could typically tone down the usual amount of energy one has and fall into distraction easily. For instance, checking on the refrigerator every now and then because eating could be quite comforting. But hey, without realization, snacking or eating up junks could become a bad habit that is hard to curb again. So next time when you are hungry or so tempted to munch on something, try having some cut fruits, nuts, healthy snacks or even some self made oat bars to keep your mouth and tummy satisfied. In fact, start prepping your own meals. Learn up from some interesting recipes online and start cooking or baking! By making your own food, you get to control the amount and type of contents in the meal without jeopardizing the nutrients value and some unnecessary service cost. Who knows, you could even be the next hidden master chef out there!


Socialize and Be Involved – Virtually

For some people especially introverts, staying at home could be nothing but bliss. However, for those who are extroverts, being indoors with a lack of social presence or being alone could be quite devastating and stressful. Imagine from being a bubbly, outspoken person who meets and conducts back to back meetings to just being stuck at home reaching out via emails and texts. It is never easy, hence, it is advisable for everyone to do some social check-ins every now and then. Make it a point to call your family, friends, relatives or even do group video calls every now and then so that you feel less lonely or “stuck” away. If you’re on social media, try posting up some updates about your well-being and activities of the day, Who knows you might even find someone who shares similar interests and you could be connected?

While it is essential to support one’s physical and mental health, staying at home is also an opportunity for personal growth. It is all about finding a balance in life and making the best with whatever we have. Keep a positive mindset that is able to turn crisis into opportunities, pain into power and weakness into strength. Always remember that self love and self care is the basis of loving anything or anyone else. Ultimately, it is really important to do what makes you, you! Find which lifestyle suits you well, start it off as a practice, turn it into a habit and eventually into a new positive lifestyle.

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