By: MediSavers | 5 July 2021

Career Opportunity as a MediSavers Memberships Advisor

Has the pandemic hit you hard financially?

Are you looking for ways to help you generate passive income while saving lives and raising awareness on healthcare and life planning?

Well, continue reading and start now!


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Career Opportunity as a MediSavers Memberships Advisor

Do you want to wake up each morning with a sense of purpose? Are you seeking a career that not only offer you a stable income but gives you job satisfaction knowing that you are making the world better one step at a time? How about the ability to be your own boss and work just the way you like it?

Well, look no more! MediSavers has so much to offer all you passionate stars and here’s why you should join us by the end of this article!


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1) Noble and Life Saving Career

“With great power comes great responsibility”. Well, you need not have superpowers to be a Superhero. As a dedicated MediSavers Membership Advisor, you play a major role in educating and raising awareness on the importance of medical protection and legacy planning. You get a chance to protect individuals and families through healthcare prevention and protection products and medical coverage. By having a good life and health coverage, members will be able to benefit from high medical bills claims, payments in the event of death, disability, or unforeseen critical illness. Basically, you get to be positively involved in a member’s life financially, emotionally and in general lifestyle planning. Isn’t that what Superheroes do?


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2) Great Flexibility and Freedom

Honestly, who would not want to work at their own space and pace? Being a MediSavers Membership Advisor means working at your own flexibility, freedom and personal discipline. You are your own boss! You can run errands and schedule for the day and week according to your own preferences and spend quality time with your loved ones while staying safe at home!

Of course, success comes as a result of hard work and determination. Stay motivated, be inspired and keep spreading your wings in contributing back to the community.


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3) Passive Income and Life-long Learning Opportunity

In this industry, one is never alone. Instead, it is all about teamwork and growing together as a community. You will be well trained by successful and experienced entrepreneurs in the industry and be able to build your own empire over time. This will also be a great platform for one to build confidence, people skills and a chance to unleash all the hidden talents!


Why Join MediSavers?

MediSavers is the only medical card endorsed by this cooperative of medical doctors in Malaysia, KOOP MMA. We also take pride in providing the only medical card with both prevention and protection as we stand firm that prevention is better than cure! MediSavers Healthcare Membership Programs come with comprehensive Annual Health Screenings and Cancer Markers redeemable from Pathlab Branches nationwide.


Adding on, MediSavers have been accredited with several awards such as:

  • Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia Status
  • Growth Champions 2021 Malaysia award
  • Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards (SCBEA) 2020 in 2 Categories:
    • Product Excellence Award
    • Digital And Technology Business Excellence Award

MediSavers also has a KasiDulu! Campaign which offers “Members Pay Monthly, Advisors Earn Yearly” commission plan, whereby our fellow advisors receive their full commission upfront even without having to wait for the monthly commission release on memberships with monthly payment mode. This is a total must-grab opportunity for all our current and upcoming advisors.


Besides, we also provide regular product training and weekly MediSavers eBiz Opportunity Presentation (BOP) where we share, discuss and give great insights on our products, recruitment, members’ consultation, and many other topics that will be beneficial for both advisors and prospects. This is a chance to raise any questions related to MediSavers business, programs and product information as well a great platform to generate limitless income!

By now you should be ready to be an advisor with MediSavers! Well, why not? Contact us right away and we will be in touch soon!