By: MediSavers | 20 August 2021

Are you ready for Online Renewal?

As a car owner, you have to pay attention:

1.Date of Loan
2.Warranty Period
3.Protection / Coverage Period
4.Road tax Period
5.License Expiry Date

And also Date of Renewal 31st of December 2021 was announced by JPJ (Ministry of Transport). Now Through eMotorSavers, you can make payment online!


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Are you ready for Online Renewal?

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Do you still wait in line with a ticket number on your hand just so that you can renew your Car Insurance & Road Tax? Now making renewal on Car Insurance & Road Tax online is the norm, moreover, you can do this with just your fingertips, with your smartphone.

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Car Coverage

There are many types of car insurance out there in the market, How can we choose comprehensive coverage??

Things to consider when choosing Car Coverage:

1. Online Service

2. Coverage for Multiple Drivers

3. Include Road Tax Renewal

4. Additional Protection

5. Additional Service

eMotorSavers is your Right Choice!

eMotorSaverseMotorSavers Online Renewal

eMotorSavers is an online car insurance renewal platform. The protection covers all your authorized drivers without the need to provide the driver’s name. at the same time, you can also update the Road Tax.

JPJ (Ministry of Transport) specifies that all overdue road taxes must be renewed before 31st December 2021. Now you can make your Renewal Online through eMotorSavers! Fast, simple, and convenient!

Exclusive protection for eMotorSavers member

1. Accidental Collision and Overturning

2. Fire, Explosion, or Lightning

3. Impact Damage Caused by Falling Objects

4. Burglary, Housebreaking or Theft

5. Malicious Act Damage

6. Liabilities to Third Parties

• For Bodily Injury or Death

•For Property Loss or Damage

7. 24 – Hour Emergency Road Assistance (E-Assist)(E-Assist)

8. 6 Months Repair Warranty at our panel workshops

9. Protection to All Drivers

10. Transportation Allowance

11. Impact Damage Cover Caused by Falling Objects Due to Convulsion of Nature

12. Documents Replacement Allowance

Additional Benefits :

• 50% Discount on Health Screening in Pathlab

• 20% Discount on Health Product Pathlab

• RM50 voucher, only applicable to MediSavers eMedical Card and PASavers Personal Accident Coverage

• Additional Service: Road Tax Renewal & annual renewal reminder.

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eMotorSavers is designed to provide members with convenient and proper procedures to get motor coverage now!

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