By: MediSavers | 1 July 2021

Importance of Will Writing and Why You Should Get One Now!

There are many ways to show love and affection to someone meaningful in your life.

One way of showing long-lasting care is by leaving your assets behind in a thoughtful and convenient way so that your loved ones could carry on in life with peace of mind even when you are no longer around.


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Importance of Will Writing and Why You Should Get One Now!

Over the years, one may have worked hard all their life and acquired assets and properties to ensure the financial stability of loved ones. We live, save, spend, have fun and make memories. However, what happens when you are gone? Do you know that there are about RM70billion of unclaimed monies in frozen assets?

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The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely taught us the value of lives and the importance of making the best out of every little thing. The truth is, life is fragile and filled with multiple uncertainties. Based on a recent news article by Sin Chew daily, it is reported that there are at least 4 deaths every hour due to illness. One may never know if we will even make it the next morning. It is now that individuals are realizing the importance of estate planning way before life is taken away.

Will writing is not a privilege; it is an essential need that should be taken charge by every individual while still well and in a good state of mind.

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What is a Will?

A will or as known as the last will and testament is a legal document that states clearly who you wish to appoint as an executor (someone who will execute/administer your assets), who shall be the guardian of your children (if you have infant children) and most importantly, who will be the beneficiary under your will (person who will inherit or benefit from your will). With a will, all your assets and properties will be distributed according to your plans and wishes!

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Why Do You Need A Will?

Did you know that the government of Malaysia holds RM70 billion in frozen assets due to unclaimed monies? Without a will, all your assets or properties shall be distributed according to the law in Malaysia, particularly under Section 6 of the Distribution Act 1958 which may not comply with your wishes. You will never have a say on how your assets and inheritance shall be distributed or inherited!

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1) Distribution of assets according to your own wish

You will get to choose who will inherit or benefit your estate/assets in the event you are no longer around. Assets will be distributed just as what was listed in the will.

2) Avoid Legal Disputes and Family Conflicts

Having a Will prevents any conflicts and legal disputes amongst family members that could be lengthy, expensive and tiresome.

3) Simplified and Efficient Legal Process

The distribution of your assets is way faster with a will. In the event of your passing, the will shall be proved in Court of its validity to obtain a Grant of Probate. Without a will, it will be troublesome to obtain the Letter of Administration before your assets can be distributed accordingly.

Typically, most people do not own a will because of the fear and complexity of legal terms and the high cost of it. Thankfully, will writing has been made easier and the best part is that everyone can now own a will at a very affordable rate!

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“Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.” Ernest Hemingway

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