By: MediSavers | 21 May 2021

Let’s Talk About Oral Hygiene!

Looking for ways to get brighter teeth and a confident smile? In this short blog, we will discuss oral hygiene and ways to maintain good oral health.
Now you can smile more confidently without breaking the bank!


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Let’s Talk About Oral Hygiene!

It is a well-known fact that the mouth is a window into one’s overall health. Researches have shown that untreated oral diseases may increase the risk of adverse health conditions. Thus, maintaining good oral hygiene is important in improving one’s oral health and overall well-being.

Here’s a run through on ways to maintain great oral hygiene:

1) Regular Dental Visitations

By keeping your teeth and mouth clean can help prevent the risks of health complications. It is advised to get your dental checked at least one to twice a year to keep your oral health in check. With regular dental visits, dentists can examine, evaluate and help detect any oral conditions or health complications caused by oral diseases.

2) Practising Good Oral Hygiene Habits

It is important to brush teeth and clean the gums twice daily, with a soft simple flat headed toothbrush. Using a fluoride toothpaste helps strengthen the tooth surface and prevents tooth decay. Use mouthwash to maintain a fresh breath and smile daily and remember to change your toothbrush regularly.

3) Scaling And Polishing

Gum disease is often caused by the build-up of plaque (sticky film of bacteria) and is always forming on our teeth. Tartar and plaque bacteria will accumulate and might progress into the gum line. When this happens your gums will be inflamed and or will pull away from your teeth and form spaces called pockets. Plaque then gets trapped in these pockets and cannot be removed with regular brushing. If left untreated, this could lead to gum disease and potential bone and tooth loss. Scaling is a professional method of cleaning your teeth in which the hard deposits are removed through an instrument called an ultrasonic scaler. The first ‘scrape’ stage removes the deposits of plaque and tartar. The next step is to polish the teeth to make the surface really smooth. While polishing removes stains leaving teeth bright and shiny, it also smoothes away minor imperfections and patches of rough texture on the teeth to protect against further plaque build-up.

Practicing good dental hygiene is very essential for longevity and a confident smile. On top of that, prevention will always be better than treating when the condition has worsened.

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