By: MediSavers | 24 September 2021

Celebrating 23 Years of MediSavers

“Happy 23rd Anniversary MediSavers!”

In these 23 years of journey, MediSavers had innovated and transformed the traditional model of HealthCare into a more digitalized and advanced platform. Let us go through the 23 years of journey in MediSavers!


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Malaysia was a prosperous era in the 1990s. However, at that time, people were so busy making a living that they ignored their health. Healthcare and medical were considered luxury and huge investments. However, when a serious illness strikes or there are sicknesses that require hospitalisation, many Malaysians are not prepared to pay for the expensive medical fees.

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Looking at all the reports and case studies of financial losses due to high medical bills, it was clear to MediSavers that it is a problem for us to solve.

It is a noble cause, to bring in awareness on the importance of healthcare prevention and protection!

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Origin of MediSavers

In 1998, Dato’ Marcus Kam, President and CEO of MediSavers Group, and the team embarked on this journey to actively seek Healthcare that is suitable for all Malaysians. With enough persistence, unremitting exploration and dedication, MediSavers eventually partnered with Pathlab for our annual health screenings and cancer markers tests. Over time, MediSavers partnered with more and more business partners on the journey of providing an ultimate peace of mind for all.

MediSavers Milestones

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MediSavers Membership is the only Medical Card that is Endorsed by KOOP MMA (Koperasi Persatuan Perubatan Malaysia Bhd). Up till today, MediSavers handles more than 250,000 members Healthcare policies and have assisted more than 35,000 cases of hospitalisation!

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Honor Recognition

MediSavers had received multiple recognitions and awards throughout the years, from the Qualification of Multimedia Super Corridor, Excellence Award from Sin Chew Enterprise Model Award 2020, and Malaysia’s Growth Champions 2021. These recognitions and awards enable MediSavers to make huge advancement in the industry.

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Team Support

MediSavers has a great team that comes from the different departments including claims unit, accounts, renewal, Digital and IT, Social Media Unit, Membership Processing Unit, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing as well as other backend support and management team.

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Digital Technology

MediSavers has over 12 branches and professional consultants all over Malaysia providing professional training and multiple income resources for consultants through the MediSavers Mobile App. With MediSavers APP, advisors have access to make “Quick Quote” to send personalized quotations to clients within clicks away. In addition to that, MediSavers also provides regular online product training and weekly eBiz Opportunity Presentation (BOP), where we share and have discussion on MediSavers products, recruitment, membership consultation, and many other topics that are beneficial to consultants and potential customers. Advisors can now earn 13 types of income through 1 amazing and comprehensive APP!

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At MediSavers, we are constantly on the lookout for amazing and dedicated talents to be our membership advisors. If you would like to join Team MediSavers or are interested in knowing more about our recruitment, please contact us below.

We love to have you onboard!

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