By: MediSavers | 14 April 2022

Greater Choice of Lifestyle Protections in MediSavers App

The new products launch includes ePASavers Easy, MediSavers eTravelSavers, and eHomeSavers Easy.


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PHM and MXM International Sdn Bhd Partner

with Tune Protect for Greater Choice of Lifestyle Protections

in MediSavers App

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Petaling Jaya 14 April 2022 – Pathlab Health Management (M) Sdn Bhd (PHM) and MXM International Sdn Bhd (MXM) today announced a strategic partnership with Tune Protect to provide a variety of protection choices in the lifestyle category to cater to a mass audience.

A Memorandum of Collaboration was signed today at MXM Tower by Dato’ Marcus Kam, Group President and Chief Executive Officer of PHM and MXM, Mr. Sam Tang, Chief Operating Officer of MXM, Mr. Rohit Nambiar, Group CEO of Tune Protect Group Berhad, Dr. Raj Kumar Maharajah, Secretary of KOOP MMA and Mr. Christopher Chan Hooi Guan, Director of eMedAsia.

MXM, through its healthcare digital platform app, MediSavers will be making the new products: ePASavers Easy, eTravelSavers (Inbound and Outbound) and eHomeSavers Easy available through the app in a scheduled release in that order.

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The launch of MediSavers ePASavers Easy allows people to live a fulfilled-life without worry, as it is designed to provide the best protection for them and their loved ones against unexpected personal accidents. With numerous benefits at an affordable yearly premium, ePASavers will shield family members from financial strain in the event of a calamity.

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As international borders have now reopened, and Malaysia is welcoming foreign tourists again, PHM, MXM and Tune Protect are looking for convenient ways to protect travellers when they travel domestically and internationally. With the launch of MediSavers eTravelSavers Inbound, tourists who are travelling to Malaysia will enjoy special coverage which includes COVID-19 medical expenses, while fulfilling the mandatory Malaysia immigration law of having COVID19 insurance when travelling.

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MediSavers eTravelSavers Outbound program, covers tourist’s medical expenses, trip cancellations, flight delays, COVID-19 medical protection and more while fulfilling the international travel requirements.

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In line with this, MediSavers collaborates with KOOP MMA, together with its digital platform under eMedAsia, which offers pre-booking for RTK-Antigen and travel insurance services within eMedAsia platform. “This will reduce congestion at airports, as incoming travellers can now pre-book online for professional RTK-Antigen tests at private clinics”, says Kooperasi Persatuan Perubatan Malaysia (KOOP MMA).

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Even more exciting is the establishment of MediSavers eHomeSavers Easy, which provides a peace of mind for both home owners and tenants to protect their home building, home contents or personal items from unexpected disasters such as fire, flood, burst pipes and other events.

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“Protecting our members is not the only goal. By providing these extensive sustainable products, we are creating the perfect digital platform to suit the market’s needs, and allows our members to upgrade their lifestyle without worrying about financial constraint because we are here to provide the best coverage for them”, said Dato’ Marcus Kam.

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In addition to that, MediSavers has also announced its first referral program called Refer and Reward which enables members to earn commissions through new sign-ups or renewals.

“In this program, an advisor or a member can simply share a referral link and invite people to download the MediSavers App and receive rewards once a new user registered. This special announcement will benefit the advisors at most who have been supporting MXM and MediSavers relentlessly all this while”, said Sam Tang.

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Rohit Nambiar added, “This strategic partnership will enable Tune Protect to provide protection to PHM and MXM’s existing and growing members. By leveraging on their network, we want to grow our reach into new customer segments to provide simplified, accessible and digital-friendly insurance. We are excited to have the opportunity to strengthen our collaboration to deliver more value to its growing base by providing our insurance solutions for better financial security and ultimately improve their lives.”

About MXM International

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Established since 1998, MXM International Sdn Bhd (MXM), a member of Malaysian Direct Distribution Association (MDDA) has today positioned itself as one of the major players in providing quality healthcare management and medical protection. Being a part of Kam Holdings conglomerate and associate company of PATHLAB, MXM has to-date more than 60,000 members throughout Malaysia and growing under the direction of its Group President and C.E.O. Dato’ Marcus Kam.

About MediSavers

MediSavers is the FinTech platform established under MXM International. The platform offers a series of innovative products ranging from various categories including healthcare, lifestyle and finance.

About Tune Protect

Tune Insurance Malaysia Berhad (“Tune Protect Malaysia”) is a licensed insurer that has a geographically diverse presence in Malaysia, with 17 branches nationwide, and our Head Office strategically located in Kuala Lumpur. Tune Protect Malaysia provides a comprehensive range of general insurance solutions through multiple distribution channels to balance the needs of different consumer groups. We are supported by dedicated agents, brokers and direct clients to underwrite various general insurance classes.

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KOOP MMA was established in 2017. Koop MMA aspires to be a leading cooperative for all doctors in Malaysia. It was an initiative by a group of doctors from the Malaysian Medical Association.

About eMedAsia

eMedAsia is an e-commerce marketplace where clinic owners can join and purchase items ranging from pharmaceutical products, consumables and medical devices. eMedAsia is managed and run by EmedAsia Sdn Bhd, a joint venture entity between Koop MMA and HS Bio.

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