By: MediSavers | 4 March 2021

Regular Health Screenings and Its Importance

When was the last time you actually had your health checked? Why does one even need to go for regular health screenings? Is prevention really better than cure?

Let’s keep reading to find out more about this!


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Regular Health Screenings and Its Importance

“Prevention Is Always Better than Cure” could probably be one of the most heard sayings ever. Oftentimes in life, one may be so hooked up with usual routines and pay less to no attention to the health condition until it is too late or at a chronic stage already. People tend to wait till they are really ill and weak, before making any doctor’s visitation while the medical condition was actually still treatable if detected early. However, what makes a healthy person have the need to visit the doctor in the first place? How does one know if their body is battling with some inner sickness?

This is where Health Screening comes in handy. Health screening or blood test is basically a major part of many routine medical examinations. One of the best ways for any Doctors or medical practitioners to confirm their patients’ diagnosis would be through a thorough blood test. For a healthy person, health screening could also detect abnormalities that the person is not aware of and provide important information for the diagnosis, treatment, or preventive measures for potential illnesses and diseases. Early detection, followed by treatment, and good control of the condition can result in better outcomes and lowers the risk of serious complications. In some cases of high-risk illnesses or conditions, adopting changes and practicing new habits in one’s lifestyle may be a good way to reduce the risk. Hence, it is important to get regular screenings so that one has better control over their health.

What Illnesses can be detected through a Health Screening?

World Health Organisation (WHO) states that 80% of premature heart disease and strokes are preventable and having regular Health Screenings can be part of the prevention process. Some common conditions that could be identified through a health screening include high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, thyroid conditions, cancer, early breast diseases, arthritis, renal and liver functions disorder, and other blood diseases. Age is one of the major risk factors for a variety of life-altering diseases. However, with early detection and treatment, the body is able to provide better protection against those diseases.

Health Screening Checklist

This is a simple guide to the various tests that can be screened through the various body parts.

    • For Women
  • For Men

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Better Health, Quality Lifestyle

Health is wealth! Besides indicating the exposure to potential diseases, health screenings also give good input on the type of lifestyle one should have. For a person with an active lifestyle and good eating habits, the health report will most likely showcase positive results. When the results are all good and healthy, one will automatically be even motivated to live life better. It creates a sense of confidence, overall peace of mind, and a determination to keep getting better. With a healthy body, mind, and soul, life will definitely be more rewarding and fulfilled!

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