By: MediSavers | 17 September 2021

Do your teeth shine?

Many people treat their teeth poorly, and most of them don’t go for bi-yearly teeth scaling. Do you know how to protect your teeth?


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Does Brushing Teeth keep your teeth white?

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Beautiful teeth enable us to show ourselves confidence however as time goes by our teeth will age and turn yellow.

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The importance of white teeth

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1) Personal Image

Yellowish teeth can’t bring the full potential of your smile. Clear white teeth, however, are able to support your smile to be more charming。

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2) Boost your confidence

Most people are embarrassed to smile because of the yellowish teeth, which leads to less interaction with people and eventually cause them to have low self-confident。

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3) Dental Health

Gum Disease & Tooth Decay would affect our oral health. We should go for regular Dental visit to prevent diseases and protect our teeth. Because with just brushing and flossing, it is not enough to keep your teeth healthy!

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