By: MediSavers | 4 January 2022

The New Year Spirit, the Pillars and Everything in Between

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!!” We would like to wish everyone especially you (yes, you who are reading this) a very Happy New Year. We hope for a better and brighter year for everyone in 2022.


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Before we bring you deeper into our valley of words, we would like to wish everyone especially you (yes, you who are reading this) a very Happy New Year. We hope for a better and brighter year for everyone in 2022.

There were great achievements and events that we have conquered last year which led us to have successfully progressed from being “GOOD TO GREAT TO UNSTOPPABLE” in 2021. It was all because of the exceptional efforts made by all staff and advisors as well as the trust that our members put in us.

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As we welcome the New Year, a lot of things have been planned out to grow the company so we could benefit more people in a greater impact. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of MediSavers, Sam Tang shared his notion about this:

“There are many aspects. Of course, as a commercial entity we will still focus very much in how we can grow the company. Because growing a company means that a lot of people will be benefited; the stakeholders, the staff, the investors, the owner and also at the same time our community as a whole.”

Furthermore, MediSavers will definitely step up our game in helping the people in need. The team pledges to do more and better because there are still a lot of people who need a help along the way. To fulfil the purpose, we are planning to set up a Virtual Run event to raise funds as part of our CSR initiative in 2022.

Most importantly, we have put in place the principal direction for 2022 through the introduction of the 7 Pillars. These pillars will be the guideline and reference for everyone within the company in performing their responsibilities so we could produce results that are Above & Beyonds.

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“We started off with a theme to consolidate everyone into a single direction. But a theme itself is not sufficient without a proper action plan. So when we actually run all these actions together, it must be supported by certain guidelines and that is where the 7 Pillars are put in place to educate our people and let them know that whatever you’re doing, this will be the reference for you in terms of the guideline.”

“One of the interesting pillars is our start-up culture. It’s quite funny that a 23-year old company is talking about start-up culture. But this culture in fact, doesn’t mean that it’s only applicable for a new company. It’s kind of spirit that everyone is looking at to drive a team and have that kind of momentum to move forward.”

To sum up, we are confident to sail through the New Year and definitely ready to go Above and Beyond at MediSavers. We hope you are, too! Let’s aim to become healthier and happier because these are the secrets to enjoy a positive lifestyle that will lead you to another level of life satisfaction.