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Memo & Circulars

2018 June

Direct Bank-In of Initial Payment For New Cases Opting For Payment Through Monthly Standing Instructions (MSI) Using Credit Card / Debit CardView

2018 May

Revision of Goods and Services Tax from 6% to 0% effective 1st June 2018View

2017 October

Monthly Sales Production Month & MediSavers Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Incentive Campaign ClosingView

Introducing New Program - PASavers View

MediSavers Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Incentive Campaign View

2017 September

MXM Melbourne Incentive and SMA Promotion Report View

2017 August

MXM Birthday Incentive Add-On View

2017 May

Introducing MediSavers Enterprise View

2017 April

Underwriting Turn-Around-Time for Lonpac Cases View

2017 March

Payment Arrangement For New Cases Opting For Payment Through Monthly Standing Instructions(MSI) Using Credit Card / Debit Card View

2016 December

Enquiry Log-in With Agency Support Division (ASD) View

Welcome Pack Replacement View

2016 September

Commission Scheme and Maintenance / Promotion Point Allocation for MediBooster View

2016 August

MCIS New Application Requirement View

Waiver of Occupational Loading To All Medical & Para Medical Staff by Lonpac Insurance Berhad View

Waiver of Occupational Loading To All Medical & Para Medical Staff by Archipelago Insurance LimitedView

2016 May

MXM Response to Defamatory Articles found in Websites and Facebook View

2016 Apr

Revision of MSI procedure View

2016 March

Removal of Portfolio Withdrawal Condition Clause View

Revision of Point Allocation (MCIS Term Assurance Program) for MediSavers Taiwan Incentive Trip View

2016 January

Express Commission Memo View

2015 November

New Direct Debit Authorization (DDA) Form – English View

Borang Direct Debit Authorization (DDA) Form - BMView

2015 August

Revised MCIS Insurance Proposal Form View

2015 July

Commission Structure and Enhanced Point System for Maintenance & Ranking PromotionView

2015 April

MXM Birthday Incentive Voucher  View

GST Notice English  View

GST Notice Bahasa  View

GST Notice Chinese  View

2015 March

E-statement & Pay Commission Via Interbank GIRO View

Goods & Services Tax (GST) Implementation View

6% GST On Membership Fee View

MXM Agents Loyalty Program View

2015 February

MXM Members Loyalty Program 2015 View

2015 January

PIB proposal form View

2014 December

Notice on TIB Corp Decision to Stop New Business View


Revised MCIS Insurance Proposal Form MCIS View

Osaka Incentive trip for MCIS View

2013 December

Year 2014 New Program Suprema i View

Year 2014 New Program  View

2013 August

New Program: MediLife Healthcare & Life Protection (MSI)View

2013 June

Monthly Standing Instruction (MSI)View

New Application Entry Age  View

i PAD Mini Recruitment Incentive View

2013 April

Pacific Insurance E-Payment Facility  View

2012 Sept

Conversion from Public Gym to Private Gym for MXM Members  View

Blood Screening Voucher View

2012 May

Revised Pacific Insurance Forms  View

2012 April

Year 2012 Sales Closing  View

Guidelines- Acceptance of Credit Card & Debit CardsView

Fast Submission & Express CommissionView