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MediSavers eMedicalCard is Underwritten by Lonpac Insurance Berhad.


MediSavers is the only medical card endorsed by this cooperative of medical doctors in Malaysia, KOOP MMA.



MediSavers has been awarded with the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia Status.


MediSavers was awarded with Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards (SCBEA) 2020.

At MediSavers, we are constantly on the lookout for amazing and dedicated talents to be our advisors. If you would like to join the highly motivated team of MediSavers or interested to know more about our recruitment, feel free to contact us below!​

5 Benefits of MediSavers eMedicalCard

Establish Own Entrepreneur Company

Attractive Incentive by MediSavers

Enjoy Lifetime Commission

Claim Team helps advisor to manage on claims documents before submit to Insurance company

Renewal Team helps advisor to manage on renewal cases


Most frequent questions and answers

MediSavers eMedicalCard is a healthcare membership program which consist of:
– Healthcare screening products such as bloodtest and cancer marker screening
– Provide 24 hours Emergency Worldwide Coverage which worth of USD 1,000,000
– Provide Coverage of Hospitalization & Surgical

Yes, you can join us as Advisor and there are no conflict of business due to our company are not selling Insurance company. Our company is selling a Healthcare Membership Program.

No, exam are require however once you are our advisor we will advice you to attend product training which organize by our Sales Team.

Once you have become our Membership Advisor, the next tier level will be Senior Membership Advisor and Regional Membership Advisor.

You may drop your personal contact information on the below pages , our staff will contact and brief you accordingly.

Advisors Enjoy Monthly Campaigns And Incentives! 💰

MediSavers came up with our newly launched KasiDulu! Campaign. KasiDulu! enables our fellow advisors to receive their full commission upfront even without having to wait for monthly commission release. This is a total must-grab opportunity for all our current and upcoming advisors. Having thoughts about becoming an advisor with MediSavers? Well, why not? Contact us right away and we will be in touch soon!

Advisor Testimonials

Let’s hear what our advisors have to say about this!

Syahrulmanan bin Kartiman


“Kempen KasiDulu! memang best gila. Sales naik mencanak, sebelum ini income setiap bulan naik 4 angkat je, sekarang naik 5 angka! Saya ajak semua business partner saya buat MediSavers lebih serius sekarang.”

Norashimah binti Harun


“Wow! Satu kempen yang sangat luar biasa best. Member bayar bulanan, advisor dapat commission tahunan. Mana nak cari? KasiDulu! buat semua advisor tak senang duduk sebab income lepas ni pasti meroket!”

Poobalan A/L Rangasamy


“KasiDulu! campaign drives me crazy!!”

Mohd Hairil bin Nik Mustapha


“Kempen KasiDulu! melonjak 50% sales team saya! Selain jualan naik, komisen team juga meningkat dengan drastik!”

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“We have issued more than 200,000 medical insurance policies

and assisted in 26,000 hospital admissions since 1998!”