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MediSavers has been awarded with the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia Status.


MediSavers has been accredited with the Growth Champions 2021 Malaysia award!


MediSavers has been accredited with the Best Use in Technology 2021 Malaysia award (SOBA) !


MediSavers was awarded with Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards (SCBEA) 2020.

At MediSavers, we are constantly on the lookout for amazing and dedicated talents to be our Digital Partners.

Benefit for being MediSavers Digital Partners

Establish Own Entrepreneur Company

Attractive Incentive

Lifetime Commission

Claim & Renewal Support Team

Product Training Services

Our Digital Partners can enjoy Yearly Commission by submitting Monthly cases.
MediSavers came up with our newly launched KasiDulu! Campaign. KasiDulu! enables our fellow advisors to receive their full commission upfront even without having to wait for monthly commission release. 

MediSavers Ongoing Incentives

Our Monthly Special Incentives

Join us in our weekly MediSavers eBiz Opportunity Presentation (BOP) where we share with you our company background and how to earn passive income using our 13 products in MediSavers App. Hurry!! Check out our poster date below:

Our Monthly Zoom Special Talk & Training

MediSavers Digital Partner Testimonials

Lindsay Hu

“I’m very grateful and thankful to have MediSavers App that allows our members to have direct access to various healthcare prevention programs and online insurance applications without having to meet face to face”

Uthaya Kumar

“I’m thankful to be a MediSavers Membership Advisor. MediSavers App helps our members to have direct access to various programs online with simple and easy steps at the comfort of their own homes”

Shahrukhmanan Khatman

“Best sangat sebab ada Aplikasi MediSavers ni. Sepanjang PKP ini kami hanya perlu duduk di rumah dan boleh lakukan perniagaan hanya di atas talian tanpa perlu berjumpa dengan sesiapa secara bersemuka”


“The amazing MediSavers App is the easiest and comprehensive super-APP that I had ever used. It has all the coverage to create quotations, online submissions and monitor progress all within your mobile phone”

Mohd Azwan Bin Saberi

“Saya bersyukur memiliki Aplikasi MediSavers ini. 1 aplikasi pelbagai manfaat untuk setiap ahli. Menjana pendapatan secara 100% atas talian kala pandemik, PKP, Lockdown”

Norashimah Binti Harun

“Melalui 1 Aplikasi MediSavers saya boleh menjana ribuan ringgit dari 13 sumber. Dari smartphone saja saya secara santai menjana passive income tak terjangkau setiap bulan terumasa semasa pandemik ni. Just DO IT!”

Agnes Chin Mee Tsin

“Thanks to MediSavers App, I realised that this app is very useful for me to submit all my cases online without any meetup! Everything can be done within minutes since the pandemic started!”

Aini Suhada Binti Amer

“Memiliki aplikasi ini merupakan satu pelaburan yang sangat BERBALOI kerana telah meningkatkan lagi tahap kewangan serta pendapatan bulanan dan tahunan saya. Alhamdulillah, ianya TERBUKTI!”


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
MediSavers eMedicalCard is a healthcare membership program which consists of:
– Comprehensive yearly Health Screening from Pathlab Redeemable Nationwide
– 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation of Mortal Remain Worth USD1,000,000
– Provide Coverage of Hospitalization & Surgical
Yes, you may join as a MediSavers advisor and there is no conflict of business as MediSavers is not an Insurance company. MediSavers pioneers in providing Healthcare Membership Programs.
No, exams are not required. However, once you have become a MediSavers advisor, it is highly advised for you to attend our regular product training and weekly MediSavers eBiz Opportunity Presentation (BOP) which is organized by our Sales Team to stay updated with our programs and grow better.
Once you have become our Membership Advisor, the next tier level will be Senior Membership Advisor and Regional Membership Advisor. There will also be multiple and monthly incentives up for grabs.
You may drop your personal contact information here, our staff will contact and brief you accordingly.

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“We have issued more than 250,000 medical insurance policies

and assisted in 35,000 hospital admissions since 1998!”